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Questionable attire by BrokenTeapot Questionable attire :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 267 87
Silent Hill EVOlution Part 4
When I finally drift awake, nothings right. Out the window I can see its raining soot and ash, like a grey snow. Everything looks dull, worn, weary.
"Don’t panic, you’re in a dream state, this isn’t really silent hill....just the version that invades your dreams.."
I slowly turn my head, and she’s sat in the other seat. Tapping her fingers on the steering wheel.
"You....what are you? and what’s up with the freaky tattoo thing?!" I ask irritably. "why the car and why ME?!"
She looks calmly at me "this is a dangerous place to be, those things are all over the place. People have driven in here before, but the core of the town drains the vehicles, they stop, and wont start ever again. That marking,  put in place before you  entered here, will make sure the town doesn’t suck it dry. Your car cant stop running, but better that then having it stop. believe me."
I just stare at her, waiting for the rest of the explanation.
"As for the mark
:iconpixel-spark:Pixel-Spark 2 0
Welcome to Silent Hill by Himoki Welcome to Silent Hill :iconhimoki:Himoki 1,525 218 Wheelchair by Saraty Wheelchair :iconsaraty:Saraty 44 95
TeamSILENT2 - YouTube video ( help spread )
TeamSILENT2 has posted its promotional video on you tube,
help us spread the word so more can help, the faster we can get the eye and attention of climax the better chance we have of saving silent hill. As well as newer tittles
:iconteamsilent2:TeamSilent2 3 1
sh3 _ valtiel by arok318 sh3 _ valtiel :iconarok318:arok318 202 30
TeamSILENT2 - Created ( Needing Volenters )
Team Silent 2 is now created,
It is a volunteer service made of long time fans
of silent hill who know the series to a perhaps
unhealthy amount.
The purpose of Team Silent 2 is to provide free
guidance and reference to help preserve the series
of the game Silent Hill's new American developers.
Its hard to hold up to high standards especaly
some thing as complex and artisticly deep peice in
history when your a developer in a different market
and social community. That is why Team silent 2 can
be developers greatest tool to encourage the preservation
rather than the milking of a series.
Every one at Team Silent 2 will be volunteers who
know the series to a personal and emotional level,
they are the ones who can help identify when the fragile
line of subtlety and help developers gain that polish.
Because TeamSILENT2 was created today, the search for the
best for these positions are still being processed,
and the message probably hasn't reached YOU the developers yet
but with enough hel
:iconteamsilent2:TeamSilent2 4 10
Welcome to Silent Hill by OmeN2501 Welcome to Silent Hill :iconomen2501:OmeN2501 3,944 495



Team SilentHill 2 : FanSource
United States

Journal History

Silent Hill Shattered Memories - Discussion
With the newest Silent Hill having coming closer,
and any chance of influence has most likely passed.
Which is Good for many reasons;
a) teamSilent2's team is still way to small still
b) not enough TS2 supporters giving enough reasonable voice
( a good way is to make youtube videos explaining good and bad for developers for example )
b) TS2 is already highly supportive of climax's approach
Which brings us too a discussion we here at TeamSILENT2
would like to have here in the journal section.

Those of us here who currently make up teamSILENT2 are
very supportive of climax studios for breaking the mold
the mold that silent hill first did that caused us to
be so intrigued with the series optionality. But as we
learned with origins and homecoming sequels start to milk
what made it original and a lot of times miss the point.
This of course left to individual interpretation of what
exactly was left abused or unseen by developers.
What climax is doing is bold and what is desperately necessary
for the series.
But that's not to say we have our cons. our biggest unanimously
seems to be harry s glasses and cellphone.
though with the glasses that might be a part of a deeper trick
up there sleeves for story telling, and actually protecting
the original game.
The cellphone tends to be arguable, because the original
silent hill took place in the 90s when things were simpler
writing a story about feeling lonely and lost in a time with
or without cellphones and internet can make all the difference
in the world. But both are debatable as not severe cons
just quirks that will most likely be forgotten if the game
actual captures hearts of old die hard team-silent original fans.
all of this will be irrelevant of course once its released.
Just like origins and homecoming there are those who play those
first and know nothing about the real silent hill games.

but nitpicking aside teamSILENT2 is designed to be the voice
of those who understand the series the most. Just not in a violent
negative angry retarded way as the fan-base for left 4 dead has done
So we encourage you all to give your detailed opinions of the new
upcoming game. Giving your advice to what they should do and what
they shouldn't. But keep in mind were here to discuss to expand the
knowledge easily to be understood, if developers come to here for
input, so be human and respectful. Deviant Art contains what seems
to be the most passionate and deepest analytical fans for silent hill
... probably because were all artist here. So use that perspective
silent hill is a rare piece of art,
and were all upset when newer pieces don't do the old justice
and were all afraid of overshadowing and becoming lost potential
teamsilent2 is trying to do the impossible by becoming a middle ground
to protect series potential above all things, from fans and from developers
and its up to how those who represent teamsilent2 act and do and say
that determines that.

So with that in mind,
lets discuss about the
newest Silent Hill Spin Off Shattered Memories
:below:leave your overview preview and views below

team Silent 2 has now a twitter page,
Designed to give updates for tS2's progression and point out when the silent hill community speaks out constructively
as of right now teamSILENT2 has no forum,
In order for tS2 to have a forum it must be controlled there must be mediums that can display information simply and clearly and coherently to leave open for quickly summary and access to developers. To have a normal forum would be out of control.
Overall reception for teamSILENT2's existence
is varied on the site at the moment (on DorianWildeGray's video) :star::star::star::star::star-empty: (on DorianWildeGray's video) 7.7 (on teamSILENT2's existence) 100%… (on teamSILENT2's existence & Video) Poor

strangely reception is mixed based on those who leave comments and those who rank videos, for example youtube's comment's are relatively against teamSILENT2s goals and existence yet the overall rank is 4 out of 5 stars. Understandably being that youtube is more of a general market audience being as most on youtube don't see the relevance in such a subtle need. As well as the overall hard fast strong nature of youtube, so this is expected, though surprising that the rating remains high. Suggesting that those who understand do show there support in rating. While on, the ratings are mid and the comments are very supporting, same thing just reversed as youtube's. This probably relating to the obsessive nature towards games in that community, as well as game trailers reviewers acknowledging the impurity's of Silent Hill origins and Homecoming in there reviews, this educating there community for some thing of a need like teamsilent2 is more open, its hard to come to a conclusion with such little feedback as of right now. And what is most surprising is HellDescent's ( formally ) response, was an overwhelming negative, either derived from general community of the obsessive of horror games in general, or the obsessive protective of the original silent hill's. Perhaps a mix of both mixed with the overall direction of its community, will be interesting to see if silent hill heavens responses are similar. But for now we will continue to grow and hopeful get developers attention in a time where teamSILENT2 can make a difference still.

A message from one of teamSILENT2's founders

"As a reminder to all who find tS2, they are not here to replace the original 'team silent' they merely wish to be an influential hand of those who know silent hill the best perhaps a bit too much in some cases. Remember that the new developers are fans as well and realize the overwhelming chances of just making a silent hill game because of the community's strong willed nature, tS2 is to represent the bridge between new developers and letting them grow with the world NOT be constrained by fan expectation, that has and can be just as bad. Silent Hill is a very special and unique time piece in story telling and art and gaming, teamSILENT2 purpose is to protect that spirit and not hold back developers. Just like the new Silent Hill Shattered memories with its cold theme and experimenting with different combat this is good, but it needs to be within what makes silent hill unique. And its that subtle thing that most people don't notice directly, that's why some thing like tS2 is important. Rather than being a fan base that is fearful and angry at outside interpretations that might push the boundaries, teamSILENT2 is to be sportive constructive but protective of the Silent Hill overall delicacy, in reality tS2 is just as much to protect newer silent hills from the fans as it is to protect against accidental development flaws and perspective. So don't bash them too hard ok? lol"

::: teamSILENT2's Mission Statement :::
Team Silent
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Team Silent is the development staff responsible for the Silent Hill franchise by Konami, with the exception of Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Homecoming, which were developed by Climax Group and Double Helix Games, respectively.

... so what happened after Silent hill 4?
Silent hill was handed over to American developers
though both Climax and Double Helix did amazing jobs
there is a deeper part to silent hill that long time
fans know that developers missed and will
continue to miss. In an attempt to preserve this delicate
heart of silent hill that made it the precious gem
as a art piece and world to itself protected,
teamSILENT2 will be the source for developers of
future Silent Hill games,
(That Includes Shattered Memories, Climax)
The members of TeamSILENT2 will be volunteers of those
who know the silent hill universe the longest and the best
and we deeply encourage the developers of future Silent Hill
to come to the volunteers of teamSILENT2 for they will
provide the final polish you desperately need
they will provide the strongest and most important form
of constructive criticism to keep new tittles apart of the
delicate ecosystem of Silent Hill

So a message to developers ... this is free for you,
TeamSILENT2 wants no money, its only purpose is to
make sure you successfully fill the boots you are very blessed
to have.

This DA page is dedicated to
those select few who will chose
to be part of 'TeamSILENT2'

We salute the original Team for creating
such a beautiful art piece we strive to protect

* Keiichiro Toyama: Director of Silent Hill.
* Hiroyuki Owaku: Scenario Writer of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3
* Akihiro Imamura: Producer of Silent Hill 2, Sub-Producer of Silent Hill 4
* Masahiro Ito: Art Director of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3
* Suguru Murakoshi: Drama Director of Silent Hill 2, Director and Scenario Writer of Silent Hill 4
* Takayoshi Sato: CGI Creator of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2
* Masashi Tsuboyama: Director of Silent Hill 2, Art Director of Silent Hill 4
* Kazuhide Nakazawa: Director of Silent Hill 3
* Akira Yamaoka: series Sound Producer and Music Composer; Producer of Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4, Executive Producer of Silent Hill: Homecoming

- From Wikipedia

From Us at TeamSILENT2
Thank you,
let the fellow fans help protect the series and help it grow
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  • Playing: Silent Hill ALL


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